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How to become a patron?

 Whether you are a private person or a company, there are numerous reasons for creating a privileged relationship with the museum and contributing to its development by becoming one of its patrons. Indeed, the variety of the museum's activities offers everyone the opportunity to support actions dear to their heart.

Patrons may therefore choose to contribute toward financing and promoting an exhibition, a cultural event, an acquisition or a restoration of a work.

The French law covering patronage and sponsoring (1st August 2003) offers initiatives to encourage this type of action. For example, it allows a company involved in a sponsorship operation to deduct 60% of the expenditure from its corporation tax (deductions up to 90% in some cases). In return, it can benefit from communication and public relations,  which value must remain in a "sharp disproportion" with the amount donated . In addition, the company may also benefit from available museum spaces and/or private visits.  

For further information:

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   The Limoges Fine Arts Museum's Friends organization

You can also choose to support the Limoges Fine Arts Museum's Friends organization.

Created in 1947, the organization is a privileged partner for the museum. Over the years it has become one of the most generous donors by contributing to the acquisition of new works of art.

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