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Karl-Jean Longuet and Simone Boisecq exhibition

Karl-Jean Longuet and Simone Boisecq exhibition, from sculpture to the dream town

Five French museums, including that of Limoges, formed a partnership to showcase sculptors Karl-Jean Longuet and Simone Boisecq, whose unjustly little-known works have now found their rightful place in the history of 20th century sculpture.

This retrospective is a reminder of these artists, who long remained in the shadow of their friends and contemporaries Brancusi, Picasso, Moore and Calder, were confronted with the most radical of the formal metamorphoses in sculpture, with the switch from figurative art in the 1930s to abstract art in the 1950s. They both followed a new path, exploring the frontiers between figuration and abstraction.

This idealistic couple also contributed to the development of urban art in the new post-war towns and districts, particularly in the Limousin region.

Exhibition jointly produced by the Reims Fine Arts Museum, the Agen Fine Arts Museum, the Unterlinden Museum of Colmar, the Sainte-Croix Museum of Poitiers and the Limoges Fine Arts Museum.

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