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A lecturer representing the cultural activity of the Limoges Education Office Delegation helps secondary school teachers to plan their visit.

The lecturer offers pedagogical tools and documentary files related to college and secondary school courses of study, and may help teachers to develop educational activities. She is the person you may contact when you want to implement History of Art teaching and examine all specific educational projects.


  Teachers welcome and support

  • Welcome and documentary supports
  • Plan educational activities at the museum
  • Help to implement activities
  • Examine and help to design specific projects
  • Development of educational tools

Two possibilities can be offered for specific projects:

  • Students can work by themselves, using sheets drawn up by the museum in consultation with teachers 
  • Students can also discuss and debate with a guide during activities


The diversity of the Limoges Fine Arts Museum's collections permits to mention topics and periods tackled during the secondary school course of study: history and French history (the Middle Ages, aspects of the industrial age in the late 19th century etc.), philosophy (aesthetics, the role of the artwork etc.), ancient languages (Greco-Roman mythology, Gallo-Roman civilisation etc.) and plastic arts (representation of the human face, of objects etc.).


The Visitors Services offers teachers a multidisciplinary reflection for their projects' elaboration within the framework of specific  lessons related to Visual Arts, "Literature and Society" as well as for independent student projects.


Teachers of other disciplines wanting to carry out an educational project, drawing links between their teaching subjects and the museum's collections, are of course welcome. 

They may discover the museum and its collections through the educational pack:  The beginners BAL : What is a museum?   

They may also spend time visiting the palace's gardens.


In order to discover the renovated BAL Museum with your class, you can refer to the educational pack: The beginners BAL. What is a museum?

This file, focusing on the concept of museum, encloses a documentary part, various pedagogical tools, suggestions as well as a student notebook.


For all projects dealing with History of Arts teaching, please ask for the comparison charts designed by the museum in relation with the objectives expressed by the Ministry of Education.

There are also free meetings planned to help understanding the museum's resources related to History of Arts teaching in secondary schools.


  Supervised activities

PRESS VISIT - all levels 

 As journalists, students have to write and make up a press or blog article referring to the Museum's collections. In small groups, they collect several pieces of information (notes, sketches, photos, etc.) about a few works. In the auditorium, each group chooses the subject of his article and present its outlines. This work will be later completed in class and then sent to the museum, which will select one to be uploaded to the Museum's website.

  • Date: everyday at 10am and 2pm, except on Tuesdays
  • Length: 1 h 30/2 h
  • Please remember to bring cameras and writing-pads.

YOU'RE LOOKIN' TO ME ?! - all levels 

Divided into two groups, students play cards that teach them how to look at a painting. They try to win the game collecting as many points as possible by answering questions. 

  • Date: everyday at 10am and 2pm, except on Tuesdays
  • Length: 1 h 30/2 h

A CLASS MUSEUM- all levels

Working in groups, students select works and fill in a collection sheet underlining the reasons for their selection and its relevance. All the works chosen by students together make up the "class museum".

This activity aims to help students understand, consider and discuss the concept of a collection, make an aesthetic choice and justify it. 

  • Date: everyday at 10am and 2pm, except on Tuesdays
  • Length: 1 h 30/2 h


WORKS IN SIGHTS - all levels 

Divided into small groups, students have clue card offering information about a work and a photo of a detail helping them to find the corresponding exhibit. For each work, they have to fill in a work identity card and then to explain how they found it. 

A playful activity aiming to teach students how to interpret a work of art, encourage discussion and promote curiosity.

  • Date: everyday at 10am and 2pm, except on Tuesdays
  • Length: 1 h 30/2 h


   Independent visits: printed trails and supports  

 For visits to the museum, students can refer to different educational tools drawing links between their course of study and the museum collections:

  • Thematic educational packs helping teachers to plan their visit to the museum.
  • Quizzes designed for students

Educational activities last 1h30. Students can work independently or in groups. Some activities may be combined with visits to other Limoges locations: contact the Limoges Tourist Office on 05 55 34 46 87


  • "The beginners BAL: What is a museum?" is a complete education pack focusing on the concept of museum. It encloses a documentary part, several pedagogical tools, suggestions as well as a notebook.
  • Life and death in Egypt during the Pharaohs times
  • Augustoritum, a Roman city
  • Augustoritum games
  • Limoges in the Middle Ages
  • Painted enamels, pictures of the Renaissance
  • Greco-Roman mythology in Renaissance enamels
  • The artwork and its references. Approach of the Renaissance through enamels and its engraved models
  • Architectural trail. A file dealing with the Episcopal palace's history
  • Limousin enamels, history and know-how
  • Observation sheets (sarcophagus of Iret-Hor-Irou ; the good marriage tomb, The Abduction of Europa, enamelled dish by Jean I Limousin)

  Wednesday at the museum

On Wednesdays, teachers can follow thematic presentations which help them to make the link between the museum's collections and school curricula. These presentations foster discussion and suggestions for educational approaches.


  • Ancient Egyptian civilization
  • Gallo-Roman times
  • The Middle Ages
  • The Renaissance period
  • Mythological legends
  • The words of the Bible
  • Limoges history
  • Limousin enamels
  • A painter and his work (Suzanne Valadon, Auguste Renoir, Paul Ranson etc.)
  • Landscape in paintings
  • Women and Masterpiece
  • The museum's professions

  For further information, please contact Sylvie Aymard :


  Practical details

At least, three adults are needed to supervise a class.

For further information do not hesitate to contact the Museum  on 05 55 45 98 10. 



Visits may be organised during the museum's opening times:

  • 1st April to 30th September: open daily (except Tuesday) from 10am to 6pm
  • 1st October to 31st March: open daily (except Tuesday and Sunday morning) from 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 5pm



Documents designed for teachers and classes are provided free of charge. Visits with a guide are subject to special rates:

  • Groups of up to 20 children : €2.5 per person 
  • Groups of over 20 children : €2 per person 
  • Free for accompanying persons

  Contact us

  •  Anne-Céline Carcy, responsible for guide services
    tel. 05 55 45 98 22 / mail:
  • Sylvie AYMARD, responsible for primary school guide services
    tel. 05 55 45 98 10 / mail:




" Teachers welcome and support (primary and secondary schools) "  Currently available in French only

  Educational kits 

  Pedagogical files aim to help teachers planning, carrying out and fully enjoying a visit to the museum with their students by tackling topics and artistic fields related to their course of study. Each file includes a presentation of objectives, suggestions for educational activities focussed on a clearly defined subject or on works from the collections, a documentary file for teachers with texts and resources, a student booklet with quizzes and definitions, glossaries and more...

NB: the images used to illustrate files are subject to copyright. Any copying or reproduction of these for another use requires a special permission.


Pedagogical file : The beginners BAL, what is a museum ?
Pedagogical file:  Augustoritum, a roman city

 In order to discover the renovated BAL Museum, its missions or the different museum's professions...    

Currently available in French only.    

It invites people to discover the rooms devoted to Augustoritum, Limoges in the Gallo-roman era.     

Currently available in French only.


  Collection sheets

Collection sheets are individual printed trails for students and their teachers wanting to discover the museum on their own.           

Currently available in French only


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