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Activities for primary school classes are adapted to each age group, from nursery to 10 year-old children.  Whatever the topic, it is always linked to the museum's collections or temporary exhibitions.

Attentive observation of works is always a prelude to all activities. It aims to foster a sensory approach through practical experiments, to broaden knowledge through exchanges and to stimulate creativity.

Teachers can choose between independent or guided activities. In both cases, their visits must be booked in advance. 




In order to discover the renovated BAL Museum with your class, you can refer to the educational pack: The beginners BAL. What is a museum?

This file, focusing on the concept of museum, encloses a documentary part, various pedagogical tools, suggestions as well as a student notebook. (This file can be downloaded from education / secondary education page).


For all projects dealing with History of Arts teaching, please ask for the comparison charts designed by the Museum in relation with the objectives expressed by the Ministry of Education.

There are also free meetings planned to help understanding the museum's resources related to History of Arts teaching in primary schools.


   Guided activities

OLÉ PANTOMIME ! - for ages 4-8  

After a treasure hunt through the collections, children bring to life the works they have seen during the visit by taking part in a mime game. With photographs depicting characters drawn from the museum's works, children have fun finding them in the collections. After that stage, children imitate them and their pose, immersing themselves into the picture's atmosphere. An activity designed to arouse their sense of observation and memory using  their whole body to play in the space, encourage speech for the youngers and construct a narrative tale for the older ones.

  • Date: everyday at 10am, except on Tuesdays
  • Length: 1 h/1 h 30


 FOLIO 4 COLLECTIONS - for ages 6-10

A fun family visit. Adults and children can discover the museum together, accompanied by a guide, through the stiff pages of a picture book in which each folio reveals the world of a single collection. Pictures and games invite visitors to observe, think and discuss through interactive and fun activities, fostering exchanges between the young and older people. It is currently available in French only.

  • Date: everyday at 2pm except on Tuesdays
  • Length: 1 h


  Independent visits: printed trails and supports  

 The museum offers documentation to help teachers planning their visit. Printed trails and other pedagogical supports for independent visits are available on request.

COLLECTION SHEETS - for ages 7-10 

The museum makes clear and fun visit sheets available to pupils who discover the collections. Collection sheets offer detailed information, illustrations and games for making independent, intelligent and fun discoveries.

  • Available from the museum reception desk (Please ask for the number in advance) or can be downloaded at the bottom of the page
  • Length: 1 h 30


AUGUSTORITUM GAMES - for ages 7-10

Quizzes invite pupils to discover the rooms devoted to Augustoritum, Limoges in the Gallo-roman era.

  • Tests and answers can be downloaded at the bottom of the page
  • Length: 1 h 30


  Practical details

The museum supplies the necessary materials (writing materials, pencils, sheets etc.). It is advisable to bring overalls for some workshops activities. Teachers are allowed to have a camera and children can bring a snack.


Guided activities: from September until the end of June.

Classes are welcomed on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10am to 12pm, and 2pm to 5pm, and on Wednesday mornings from 10am to 12 pm. Advanced reservations are required (15 days in advance).

Open visits may be organised during the museum's opening times:

  • 1st April to 30th September : open daily (except Tuesday) from 10am to 6pm
  • 1st October to 31st March: open daily (except Tuesday and Sunday morning) from 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 5pm

To extend and complement your visit to the museum, you can visit other city locations: contact the Limoges Tourist Office on 05 55 34 46 87.


All activities are free of charge.




School principals are invited to mention the teachers' choices on a single registration form, sent together with the annual programme. 


In order to ensure an enjoyable visit which should not be compromised by the presence of another group, it is essential to inform the museum about the visit date at least 15 days in advance on 05 55 45 98 10.

Teachers who want to discover the museum with their pupils through the collection sheets are invited to ask for the required number in advance.


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  Collection sheets

Age 6-7  Age 8-10 


  Augustoritum games

Presentation & answers 




  Teachers welcome and support (primary and secondary schools) " Currently available in French only

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