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Parents and children have the opportunity to discover the museum either by themselves or with a guide. He/She help them enjoying a wide range of exiting activities to explore the museum's collections.
Adapted printed trails have been created for children and games are freely accessible in the museum's rooms. 

   Guided activities

  Folio 4 collections, a fun visit

A fun family visit for 6-10 years-old children and their parents.

Adults and children can discover the museum together, accompanied by a guide, through the stiff pages of a picture book, in which each folio reveals the world of a single collection. Pictures and games invite visitors to observe, think and discuss through interactive and fun activities, fostering exchanges between the young and older people. It is currently available in French only.

  • In July and August, on Wednesdays at 11 a.m.  
  • Length: 1 h 
  • Price: 3


  Independent visits: games 

  Magnetic boards

3-6-year-old children

Children are invited to arrange magnetic details of works on magnetic boards located in the Egyptian antiquities, Enamels and Fine Arts collections rooms. By playing and letting their imagination soar, they observe, handle and become familiar with the particular world and characteristics of each collection.

Open access in rooms.

  Jigsaw puzzles

All along their trail, children discover puzzles close to the works they represent. (Three levels of difficulty are available: 12 pieces, 24 pieces and 50 pieces).

Open access in rooms.


  Independent visits: printed trails and supports 

  BAL booklets  

6-12-year-old children 

BAL booklets are available for young visitors who want to discover the whole museum or the Enamel collection. They contain games, illustrations and detailed information for making intelligent and fun discoveries.

Currently available for purchase from the reception desk and the online shop - Price €1.50


 BAL booklet "Museum"

 BAL booklet  "enamels"  
BAL booklet "Élie the enchanter" 
BAL booklet "A charming sculptor"

BAL booklet "history of Limoges



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