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A NEW MUSEUM (2006-2010)

From 2006 to 2010 the City of Limoges undertook large scale restructuring and modernization works of its museum by renovating the old buildings and constructing extensions in a definitely modern feel. This has permitted to convert the museum into a lively place where all visitors are invited to visit and revisit as they wish.

In the 1990s, the City of Limoges began analysing all the possibilities to restructure and reorganize the museum as its activities and collections kept on developing. Primarily, the aim was to make the museum enjoyable for the widest possible public improving the way collections are presented while ensuring a total harmony between the prestigious architectural surroundings and works exhibited.

After several studies and consultations with numerous partners including the French Museum's directorate and the Limousin Regional Office of Cultural Affairs, there was a step forward in 2003 when the jury elected the prime contractor: the architect and museographer agency Philippe-Charles DUBOIS et Associés. 

The technical complexities of the site required numerous studies and preparatory works such as archaeological surveys (2001-2002), a preventive excavation that the City took in charge (2004-2006) and the validation of the final project (2004-2005).

On 3rd October 2006 the deputy mayor inaugurated the start of work by symbolically placing the first stone. Managed by the Société d'Equipement du Limousin (SELI) on City behalf, this major project was to last four years, including two when the museum was closed to the public.

On 4th December 2010 the newly named "Limoges Fine Arts Museum", reopened its doors, offering all visitors the opportunity to appreciate the quality of this ambitious restructuring programme.

This work was carried out as part of an urban and landscape development project in the gardens and cathedral district and also of a cultural, tourism and economic development programme focusing on fire-related arts such as ceramics and metalwork, coordinated by the Pôle d'Economie du Patrimoine.

The restructuring programme affected the main building,  west and east wings : a total surface area of 3.420 m2. To cope with the lack of surface area, 2.700 m2 of space were created and the different buildings were linked together.

Total amount of the operation : almost 25 million Euros . The City of Limoges received support from the State through the Ministry of Culture and Communication (€3.500.000), the National Fund for Territorial Planning and Development or FNADT (€1.743.711), from the Limousin Regional Council (€1.850.662) and from the Haute-Vienne Departmental Council (€1.136.000).


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