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The Limoges Fine Arts Museum also preserves collections which are not displayed but remain accessible to researchers.


  Popular Arts and Traditions collection

The Popular Arts and Traditions collection is made up of a variety of objects (traditional tools, metalwork, ironwork, basketwork, clothing, musical and surgical instruments, furniture, devotional objects etc...). Most of them keep the memory of Limousin life in the 19th and the 20th centuries.

  Mineralogical collection

The Mineralogical collection brings together samples from Limousin and the rest of the world.

  Numismatic collection

The Numismatic collection contains coins and medals from ancient times to the 20th century.

Ethnological collection

The Ethnological collection is made up of ivories, jewellery, teapots, assorted boxes, fabrics, weapons, musical instruments and more from African, pre-Columbian and Asian civilisations.

  Furniture collection

The Furniture collection contains pieces belonging to the former Episcopal palace.

  Rare books collection

The rare books collection includes pieces expanded around the initial core of the former Bishops palace collection and 20th century artist's books.

  Scientific instruments collection

The scientific instruments collection comes from the University of Limoges, Pharmacy Faculty.

  Cameras collection

The cameras collection is rich of approximately fifty cameras dating back the 19th and 20th centuries, extracted from the Lachenaud and Navelet collections.

  Insects collection

This insects collection presented in boxes includes butterflies, beetles and other insects from all over the world...

Phillumenic collection

The Phillumenic collection consists of nearly 2.000 matchboxes.

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